Filia Investments offers a great array of luxury developments that capitalize on prime location, natural beauty and constructional superiority. Discover projects that nurture the wellbeing of its guests and bring them a step closer to the local culture and the greatness of the Greek landscape. Whether you are looking into a lifestyle choice or a mid-term investment and immigration opportunity, look no further.

Your Dreamy Hideaway in Crete

Nestled in a dream-like setting in Sitia, Filia Resort provides a tranquil haven of high-end living by the beach. The state-of-the-art facilities, the upscale services and abundant choices of entertainment, wellness and leisure create an indulging Eden on earth. Filia Resort is a luxurious complex featuring a great array of high-end residencies and villas, a 5-star hotel as well as venues, restaurants, boutiques, wellness centers and stores ensuring high-end living at all times.

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A Timeless Sanctuary of Refinement

Come closer to nature as you luxuriate with all pleasures of fine living at a truly spectacular estate combining tradition with high luxuries. Set in a tranquil oasis at Avgeniki Village in Heraklion, Filia Estate allows you to embrace nature and all of its offerings with wine tastings, cooking classes, horseback riding adventures, workshops and tours unveiling the majesty of the land. Filia Estate comes complete with a 5-star hotel, 4 types of luxurious residencies and a private village with leisure, wellness and entertainment venues to ensure utmost enjoyment for all.

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